Dear Mister And Mistress

The Dilemma

(This one was a tricky and long one so I am summarising for this).  I was seeing this guy, who recently got out of jail after 10 years.  He has 7 kids with 5 women, and I recently found out he slept with my best friend.  He’s also married.  I never intended for this to be anything, but he has a hold over me. He was in my life for 5 months, not long, but enough for me to get used to him.  Do I really need to hear the whys of their hook up?  It’ll likely do nothing but rile me up.  What do I do?  Listen to his half-assed explanation (though nothing will change, but will force him to be a man to my face) or do I keep it moving, and completely “block” him forever”


It sounds like this dude is a first class douche bag! I know the girls like a bad boy but fucking your friends shouldn’t be on anyone’s agenda if they cares about the person they are seeing even remotely.

Is there any point in seeing him? What do you deep down hope this will achieve? If it’s simply to make him squirm refusing to ever speak to him again will do that much more succinctly.

I’m sorry to hear this guy has made you feel so sad. Remember this is no reflection on you and you deserve better than this. In my opinion give the guy no more of your attention and doesn’t deserve you. The only thing he ‘owns’ is a skid mark for a soul!


If you read your situation summarised as it is above, what advice would you give you any friend of yours in the same situation?  I just saw your latest blog entry, and all I can say is – GOOD!  I know you can’t choose who the heart loves, but there has to be some kind of respect and love back.  This guy just uses women, and is only chasing when he thinks he’s lost you.  If he gets you back, he’ll be off with your other friend – and probably impregnate her.  And honestly – 7 kids with 5 women?  FIRST WARNING SIGN!

Three words:  You. Deserve. Better.

Learn this about yourself.  It will change your life.